DVG Israeli Air Force Leader Solitiare Board Game

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DVG Israeli Air Force Leader Solitiare Board Game

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Aviation Fans:

Yet another Fighter game from the creative mind of Dan Verssen Games in the works:

http://www.dvg.com/.sc/ms/dd/ee/53/Isra ... e%20Leader

Israeli Air Force Leader (IAFL) puts you in the cockpits of the Israeli Air Force from 1948 through modern day, and into the near-future. The game includes the following campaigns…

1948 Arab-Israeli War

1956 Suez Crisis

1967 Six-Day War

1973 Yom Kippur War

1982 Lebanon War

1991 (hypothetical) Desert Storm

2006 Lebanon War

2013 (hypothetical) Syria

We’ve included all the IAFL aircraft used throughout the years from P-51s to F-35s!

A major part of the game is mission planning. You decide how to arm your aircraft and which pilots are best for the mission. Pilots are rated for skill level. Deciding which pilots to fly each mission is a major consideration. Your pilots will become fatigued with every mission. If you fly a pilot too often, his skills will degrade. Your pilots also gain experience with every mission flown. This makes for some great decision-making. Should you keep flying the top pilots and further fatigue them to get the job done, or fly the new guys to prep them for the tough missions ahead?

Missions are quickly resolved using an area movement system to display tactical combat over the target. Priority is placed on speed and realism. You get to resolve every missile launched at enemy bandits, and every air to ground attack against the enemy target. You also get to resolve the enemy SAM, AAA, and Bandit attacks against your aircraft.

While performing each mission, you get to decide how your pilots engage the enemy Bandits, SAMs, and AAA Sites. This makes for some tough choices. The more suppression munitions you haul to the target, the safer your pilots will be, but you will be able to load fewer munitions to destroy the target.

We’ve included the cards for every pilot to progress in experience from Newbie, to Green, Average, Skilled, Veteran, and Ace!

If you’ve played Hornet Leader or Phantom Leader, you’ll make an easy transition into IAFL.

Special Features…

Invasion Targets - Some target cards, such as tank formations, have an Invasion rating. If you do not destroy these targets quickly, they will overrun Israel and end your campaign.

Escalation Targets - These targets are worth extra VPs and bonuses, but you risk international backlash if you attack them.

Key Design Features:

An all-around excellent solitaire game. Manage your pilots as well as your hardware to be a successful squadron commander. Intuitive, fast-playing game system.

Component List:
330 Full Color Cards
2 Full Color Counter Sheets (352 counters)
8 Full Color Campaign sheets
11” x 17” MOUNTED Tactical board
Full Color Player Aid Sheets
10-sided die

Target Audience:
This game is perfect for both expert level military gamers as well as first time gamers. The core rules are easy to grasp and very intuitive, while still giving players a wide variety of decision-making options and tactical choices.

Each mission requires only in 30 to 60 minutes.

Each campaign consists of 3 to 9 days in which you’ll fly one or more missions each day.

Pre-Order Price:

Normal Price:

Pre-Orders Recorded:
64 (out of 250 needed to go to print)

David Peters
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