VBAM's November 2015 Update

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VBAM's November 2015 Update

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Hello everyone,

Things are moving along nicely here at VBAM Games. It looks like With a Purpose, now with additional playtesting and artwork complete, will move in to layout. I think players looking for a narrative and VP system will be happy with what we have built. Tyrel continues to work on The Companion and Those Who Serve.

If anyone wants to get more involved in playtesting and development for Full Thrust Edition we have made some excellent progress there as well. I think I have a lot of the conversion mechanics done so need help converting ships, testing scenarios, and generally making sure my rules make sense.

Over the past few years we have also been working on a "true" fleet scale tabletop system. This was mentioned in a few earlier message and we have quietly worked on it to defeat various periods of writers blocks. Think of something more to scale with being a real admiral in a fleet and controlling fleet assets than pushing the buttons and flying each ship. I was going to do a quick review with some playtesters, and if that goes well they will get a physical playtest copy. It may have been mentioned before as the admiral block game. A lot of the components will depend on costing and production capability.

So, watch for our new books, let me know if you want to playtest any of the above, and thanks for playing!

All the best!
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