Stars Divided: Legacy

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Stars Divided: Legacy

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I have a plan to pull together and flesh out the setting history of the Terran Civil War. This material would allow you to play out the entire space history of Humanity.

Now, with the recent announcements, there certainly would not be any new material earlier than VBAM 2.0, but I thought I'd get the concept out there and see if any ideas were generated.

The first portion would have setups for short multi-player or multi-NPE solo play focused on:

Martian Wars
- the blockade of Mars by the UN
- light ground fighting on Mars

The Jovian Crisis
- raiding and conflict of the Jovian Confederation and Mahle Station

The second portion would have a longer, more traditional war campaign. Primarily two player, but some potential fun for a pirate player:

Rise of the TSL
- the build up of Wolf
- the growth of the Union of Worlds
- the pirate suppression
- the Wolfen War

There may, or may not, be enough for quickie campaigns as the TSL integrates the systems beyond Sol (Barnard, Pavonis, etc.).

The third portion would present the campaign of Humanity's first alien contact

The Haur War
- from first contact to conquest
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