New units and Supply Rules Question?

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New units and Supply Rules Question?

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consider a world with a production of 2, Census of 2 and RAW of 4, that is cut off from the rest of the empire..

Any ground units on the planet are OOS and will eventually starve, but the player could create a cycling effect where he builds new ground units and disbands the old ones just before the OOS level reach Attr..

ground unit cost 2 and has 3 Attr

on turn 1 unit has OOS 0 buts goes to 1 in the supply phase (denoted as OOS 0->1)
on turn 2 unit has OOS 1->2, but the player builds 1 unit and scraps the current, net cost the player 2 EP (but next gets 1 EP back from scrapping)
on turn 3 new unit has OOS 0->1
on turn 4 new unit has OOS 1->2 and the player builds a 3rd unit and scraps the current..

Is this intended to be legal ?

ie.. can out of supply worlds build units, when they can not supply units..

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That's why I'd use blockade maintenance. :) I really think that's the way supply should be if you going for a more realistic feel, or else you get that. I have also though that you should be able to stockpile EP for seiges. hmmm... I see a new rule brewing...

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