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Blockade Order

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UNSO Notice to all Shipping:
Whereas violence against peace and order has broken out amongst the colonies of Mars, and the regulations of the UNSO Martian Code are not sufficiently upheld within provision of the approved UN Charters and sanctioned permits which require the rule of law prevail;

Whereas a combination of persons and governmental agents have engaged in such unlawful acts and have pretended to authorize sovereign rule thereof to commit assaults on the lives, vessels, and property of decent citizens of the United Nations of Earth lawfully engaged in life and commerce on the surface and in orbit of Mars, and in space; and

Whereas the Charter of the United Nations Space Organization provides release for action to protect and defend the space of Earth, and its solar system, from unlawful action, a formal order is proclaimed requiring the persons engaged in these disorderly proceedings to desist and to raise a military force for the expressed purpose of repressing the same:

Now, therefore, the United Nations Space Organization, with a view to the same purposes before mentioned and to the protection of the public peace and the lives and property of quiet and orderly citizens pursuing their lawful occupations or until all said unlawful actions have ceased, have further deemed it advisable to set a blockade of the lanes of transit between Mars and Earth, in pursuance of the Charter of the United Nations Space Organization, the United Nations, and the provisions of the law of nations in such case provided.

For this purpose a competent force will be posted so as to inspect and restrain transit of vessels between the worlds of Earth and Mars. Such a force will require inspection and approval of all cargo and passengers, seeking validation of peaceable intent and action before allowing transit to proceed. If, therefore, with a view to violate such blockade, a vessel shall attempt to evade or circumvent said lawful inspection, she will be duly warned by the commander of one of the blockading vessels, who will suitably document on the ship’s log the fact and date of such warning in accordance with all lawful requirements, and if the same vessel shall again attempt unlawful transit she will be forcibly captured and sent to the nearest United Nations Space Organization port for such proceedings against her and her cargo as prize as may be deemed advisable.

Ian McKenzie
By the Secretary General:
Elsbeth Bauer, Commandant UNSO
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