VBAM Games' new superhero board game: can you gain control of The City?
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Heroes, Villains, and Vigilantes is the title of a superhero-themed board game where two players use the forces of good and evil to vie for control of the city. The game currently features:

20 characters cards (5 heroes, 5 villains, 5 vigilantes, and support characters - Police Lieutenant, Police Squad, Mobster, Gangsters, and Street Punks)
A map of a city

Victory is achieved by controlling 12 locations on a 5 x 5 grid (so 25 locations total) and gaining control of City Hall. Each player takes control of either the Heroes or the Villains. There are also five independent vigilantes that can be persuaded to join either team over time. The Mob is an extra resource for the Villains that can be driven out of the picture by the Heroes, and the cops swing with City Hall. If City Hall falls under the sway of evil, corruption runs rampant, and the police will actively help the Villains. Clean up City Hall, and the police become the force for Good they're supposed to be.

The fate of The City is in your hands!

HVV is now in playtesting, and could see a Spring, 2011 release if all goes well.
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