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Tyrel Lohr wrote:
murtalianconfederacy wrote:My main concern is the Scenario Intensity. It means that instead of organising your fleet into easy to track squadrons, you've got to group all ships together, and with my record-keeping thats a recipe for letting a maintenance division of heavy cruisers that would have won a battle for me being left out of the battle keeping an eye out for ghostly re-inforcements. Detection is a great thing--its something that I try to remember to use whenever I have cloaked warships in a campaign.
I had originally wanted to keep Squadrons pre-built and tie Command Limits to the # of Squadrons that could be included in a battle. However, after writing the rules up in that fashion, I realized that the Munchkin Brigade (TM) would have a field day with those rules, as they could field one-ship Squadrons to fill their quota and just thumb their nose at the other player in any scenario where the Command Limit wasn't 100%.

As for tracking units now, the one advantage to just tracking Fleets is that you don't have to worry about assembling them into Squadrons first. You just have to write down the type and number of units in the Fleet and keep track of that, then create your Squadrons when a scenario is actually generated. There is also nothing stopping you from keeping your Squadrons pre-built, and then just dropping them into a Task Force when needed, adding or removing units to meet your Command Limit for that scenario.

Might make it beneficial to just use a few hulls for empires instead of the dozen or so for each power I currently use...:)
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