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Charles Lewis wrote:However, modern naval useage has blurred the lines between frigates and destroyers (and destroyers and cruisers, for that matter), so the distinction is often a matter of role rather than mass.
Isn't that how real navies have always done it... ;)

(Certainly the RN has a few Frigates significantly larger than its Destroyers)
Charles Lewis wrote:Corvettes are a tricky matter. I would argue that they would probably be best represented by Size 10 small craft than a Size 1 ship.
Don't know how your system is working, but presumably they could also be moddled as small ill-equipped size 1 "Frigates"?
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Gareth_Perkins wrote:Don't know how your system is working, but presumably they could also be moddled as small ill-equipped size 1 "Frigates"?
Depending on the universe, that is probably the most logical way for "Corvettes" to be modeled, yes. Because a unit's Maintenance Cost will vary depending on the amount of Mass used compared to available Mass, if you "under build" a SIZ 1 ship, it will end up being a cheap ship with poor stats that is cheap to maintain -- which would largely fill the role of a Corvette, I think.

Charlie is also right that, in other cases, building a large Flight to serve as a "Corvette Flotilla" equivalent could also make a lot of sense, so long as the corvettes aren't meant to move on their own. I think the small corvettes and cutters from FASA's old Star Trek game would fit into that particular category.

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Looks good so far and really brings all the good optional rules into effect. I'm glad to see that there is talk of space maps then jump lanes in the games. A lot of the talk about engines and the space map look a lot like my latest conversion from Starmada (have you been looking over my shoulder?)...

On a side note, wouldn't be easier to state that SIZ 10 fighter equal a SIZ 1 ship. That makes the Fighter scale equal one tenth of the Ship scale. So a SIZ 1 fighter equals a 0.1 SIZ ship and so forth. Of course, that means there would only be 9 sizes for fighters, but I can live with that.