Glorious Stars - Stad's Submission Updated

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Glorious Stars - Stad's Submission Updated

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Hey, I would love to join in this.

I have had to play vga planets just to get my empire building fix.

I think I would do best as a minor empire...

Name: The Scootist Principality
Slang: Scootists

House Leader - Trel'us Scooter

Overview: Viewed by many as religious zealots, the Scootists have based their entire belief that every generation the Universe bestows incredible powers onto a single individual to protect the world or in the interstellar view, the current region of space.

The spiritual leader is called the En'Scootra who (male or female) leads the masses in quests of religious atonement and peacemaking. While never overly aggressive, neighbor systems slowly are converted to the faith. It is not uncommon to see religious Scootists scattered over the galaxy within tolerant systems.

The Scootist Navy is simple and more reactionary to help neighbor systems maintain peace and order. However, in the past, major aggressive engagements have called for a liberation fleet that many of the population have volunteered for.

Homeworld - Sectoral Primus

Focus - Religious Conversion; Small to Medium vessel strength...

Hows that?
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Re: Glorious Stars - Stad's Submission Updated

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I think you just need to throw down your house name in the other thread and jay rolls up (or decides) some adjectives?
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Re: Glorious Stars - Stad's Submission Updated

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Welcome aboard!