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Planetary Infrastructure

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:57 am
by aelius
Over in the playtest thread Tyrell presented several options they are toying with for infrastructure. This is the one I liked best.

C) Production Sliders - Type 1. This option retains the existing Infrastructure rules, but has each point of Utilized Infrastructure provide a certain amount of production that players can allocate between the different production focuses. This rule gets a bit more involved than I like, as the player would have to set the resource sliders and without some controls in place would almost have to be able to reset the sliders at will each turn (you could also have a delay based on utilized Infrastructure, but you'd still need to be able to deal with Infrastructure loss effects which makes that problematic). Anyway, under such a system you'd probably end up with the player being able to spend each utilized Infrastructure to either apply +1 production to each field, +2 production to two fields, or +3 production to a single field (this is assuming that the production fields would be limited to Industry [Combination of Economy and Industry from current rules], Agriculture, and Research). For example, a system with 4 Utilized Infrastructure could have a balanced economy of 4 Industry, 4 Agriculture, and 4 Research, or the player could choose to specialize, maybe eliminating research entirely and going with 8 Industry and 8 Agriculture. The player could also just go all-in for Industry and get up to 12 Industry.

This rule is good for me and I think the problem of resetting planetary industry from turn to turn can be handled by simply limiting the change to one infrastructure point per turn. This seems a reasonable number to limit things to, after all it is an entire planetary economy we are talking about changing.
For example, that 4/4/4 colony above could decide to focus more on Industry at the expense of Research. On turn one you move one point from research to Industry giving you 5/4/3. Next turn you move another (6/4/2) etc... This gives the flexibility of focus, while keeping the mechanics simple.
I posted this here because I am not part of the playtest and did not know if it would be acceptable to post there.

Re: Planetary Infrastructure

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:47 pm
by Tyrel Lohr
I've ended up going with a variation of this option that combines a few alternatives together:

Re: Planetary Infrastructure

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:17 am
by aelius
Thanks for the heads up.