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Re: Playtest Rules Notes

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Iron Sky wrote:Originally, I thought it meant what you said - Stealth Attack ships don't get PD at all - but I was told that it was incorrect and what I explained above is the case.
Then they better clarify that since according to the rules, "Any unit that perform an attack during the Stealth Attack Phase won't contribute its Screening or Attack values to its task force during future phases this combat round."

According to that statement, "Stealth Attack ships don't get PD at all", meaning that unless they have good EW (which doesn't make sense on a stealth ship, since in reality it would tell expose your stealth ships) or are Fast ships, they have no way of raising their Formation Level.

Unless they mean that, since they have already applied their PD during the stealth phase, the Formation Levels for the Stealth ships remain the same (unless modified by the Maneuver Phase) for the rest of the round, and the rest of the task force has to depend on it's own PD to modify itself.

If this is what is meant, then it needs to be explicitly stated that the assigned Formation Levels carry over to the rest of the round.
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Re: Playtest Rules Notes

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From an e-mail from Tyrel Jan 11th:

> You require that Stealth be ROLLED and then enemy Scout is ROLLED and
> subtracted from it to determine how many CC of ships can make sneak
> attacks and any screening value they use DOES NOT apply to the rest of the
> combat round. In other words, they can't use any ships that did Sneak
> Attack to screen and increase formation level.

Okay, two points of confusion here. The first is that you're right that I
forgot that I'd changed the rules so that your rolled for Stealth and Scout
in these cases. This would have reduced the number of units that could
perform Stealth attacks. Reducing the Stealth value in my second example
would also have led to only one or two of the Stealth units getting the free

On the second point, paragraph 4 of Stealth Attack Phase says:

"Units that perform sneak attacks make combat rolls against their Attack and
Screening values and can perform weapons fire just as they would during the
Point Defense or Attack Phases later this round."

The units performing a Stealth attack still perform both forms of attack,
they're just doing it during the Stealth Attack Phase. This means they can
use their Screening for interception or anti-fighter fire and use their
Attack to damage enemy non-flight units.