Once More Unto The Breach

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Re: Once More Unto The Breach

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murtalianconfederacy wrote:As for hex maps, the main problem is that I don't have any way to create hex maps (except for printing some hex graph paper out, which will cost me in both money and flexibility (if I want to start a new campaign, I'd have to go to the library to print it out), but I can do normal maps on squared paper (remember, I'm one of those 'pen-and-paper' gamers). Of course, translating that map to the computer is the biggest problem... :|
One advantage of going into Waterstones at times is you sometimes find good things. A couple of months ago I found a book going by the rather poetic name "Grids and Guides". As well as some interesting info on things like the periodic table and what the lines on fuses means, it also has eight types of graphpaper--map co-ordinates, storyboards...and an isometric grid! Lots of triangles which, to the (partially) trained eye, can be made into hexagons...:D

It's published by Princeton Architectural Press and has the ISBN number 978-1-61689- (232-6 for black, 422-1 for red and 527-3 for gray), so if anyone wants some graph-paper, go and look for it. It did cost a bit, but then again, it's got several copies of each type of graph paper
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