Using VBAM for an Honorverse-type Setting

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Re: Using VBAM for an Honorverse-type Setting

Postby jscott991 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:22 am

I don't want to necro my very old thread, but starting a new one seemed silly.

Is 2E any better at simulating the Honorverse?

I created and played an Honorverse game for about 15 turns before I realized that the balance was skewed too much toward Manticore (they built up so fast that they basically had as many capital ships as Haven by turn 15, despite only inflicting about a 3:2 loss ratio).

Is it worth an upgrade to 2E to try to redesign this?

I'm wondering specifically whether 2E has more economic sophistication and can handle huge numbers of ships easier.

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Re: Using VBAM for an Honorverse-type Setting

Postby BroAdso » Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:23 pm

Either 2E or Galaxies might help with an Honorverse setting, since the economic system is much 'smoother' in both. I found it much less hassle to track income vs maintenance, for example.

As far as an Honorverse setting, 2E, with its focus on combat by squadrons and flagships, might suit the Honorverse's fiction better. Galaxies/Rebirth eliminates squadrons and moves to one-round, individual-ship based combat models which are pretty different.

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