Eternal Game?

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Eternal Game?

Postby Lonewolf » Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:58 pm

I found your game and I have a question:

Is MAS an eternal game or not?

You see, I own a lot of games but all are at some point finished. Just like playing a boardgame about WWII or Risk and once you own the entire world it is over.

Or take Fallout Tactics (21 missions and its over) or any other game.

I am looking for a game like the old AMIGA computergame Battleforce. You made a pilot, gave him a mech, entered combat, repaired his mech, made a unit, fought battles and sometimes you lost a mech or one of your pilots died. But you could always make new pilots and continue the game (and if my Amiga hadn`t broke down I would still play it.)

So, do I have only three or four campaigns (with each 4 or five missions) or can I play MAS continuously for the next 5 years?

Thank you

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Postby mwaschak » Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:10 pm

Hello Lonewolf,

As long as the MAS organization itself is solvent, the game keeps right on going. The players are running a squadron that is hiring, firing, and losing pilots but the organization may be around as long as it can afford to stay in business. With that said I have had very short games in the sense that I played badly, lost good pilots, and started over with a new MAS. So with that in mind the game can end, but there no defined "end" to the game (especially with the mission generator and a little imagination).

Thank you,

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