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How are things going on Galaxies/Rebirth?

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:44 pm
by BroAdso
I was a huge fan of some of the good ideas brought forward for Galaxies, and then some of the combat ideas for Rebirth. They've gotten scattered around a lot of different threads, but I'd love a way to see a general update on those things. Some of them, taken together, were pretty fun and revolutionary - one-round combat turns abandoning the old system of calculating damage, simplified '4x' style strategic gameplay for colonizing and management, and more.

I know VBAM is a passion project and part-time thing, so I'm not complaining - it's a lot of fun for me to open up a gameboard or fleet drafting or battle report document and just poke around - but I'd love to know what the current state of things is, and if there are any playtests of the new stuff coming I can join in, and so on.