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New campaign

Postby duxdarius » Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:01 pm

I am starting a new vbam starmada campaign if anyone is interested

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Re: New campaign

Postby Emiricol » Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:56 am

I haven't been around in a while, but I'm back and lurking in typical form! Fire away, I say. More people will read it than will respond...

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Re: red phoenix campaign

Postby duxdarius » Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:31 pm

So far it is going strong. I have 8 players, some more active than others. We are a year in now. We have a lot of house rules to cover the overlapping rules involving VBAM, Starmada AE and how they blend. I think I have a few of the players who are in the campaign who read this forum and they may comment as well

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Re: New campaign

Postby Tyrel Lohr » Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:04 am

Any publicly available updates on the campaign? How are things going?
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Re: New campaign

Postby duxdarius » Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:17 am

I will post our turn summaries. We have 5 major empires, 1 minor empire and 2 underworld empires with eight players . We have done a year now. We have created a special turn we call a fast turn that covers three months a t a time as long as no one enters foreign territory. Somewhat abstract but it works.

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Re: New campaign

Postby duxdarius » Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:19 am

Here is a list of each race.

the Drie!

Trait Effects
Barely Humanoid Vaguely looks kind of like a Human in dim light sort of
Fearsome, +1 Opposing powers are at -10% to declare war or hostilities on fearsome powers and always have at least a 5% chance to accept an armistice or non-agression treaty offered by a fearsome power even if they just rejected it the previous turn
Gifted Explorers, +2 Scouting forces receive a +2 bonus to their exploration attempts
Expert Wing Commanders, +2 All small craft flights having 1 higher DEF than normal at no cost (DEFs above 5 only apply towards mitigating piercing weapons)
Veteran Flight Crews, +2 Small craft flight crews start at Veteran status in peacetime
Ineffective Negotiators, -1 All opposing powers receive 2 free intel points to be spent on diplomatic actions againts powers with ineffective negotiators.
Tense Alliance, -2 Morale penalties are doubled, Enemy intel is 25% more effective when performing insurgency missions
Atrophied Form, -2 Ground units get a -1 penalty to their Attrition and D Factors
Meritocracy - +Science, -Religion Tech advancement requirement is only 40% of GPV, effects of morale penalties are doubled

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Re: New campaign

Postby duxdarius » Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:22 am

Humans are a species of mammalian bipeds native to the planet Earth in the Sol star system.
An uninteresting lifeform, Humans exhibit few exceptional physical qualities compared to many other alien creatures.
They have average weight, height, strength, and intelligence, and are neither overly ferocious nor particularly tame.
Being a jack of all trades genetically has bred extreme versatility into the human race.
This versatility has allowed them to thrive in situations other species would consider adverse.
With this advantage in mind, humanity has an expansionist philosophy and is poised to begin a major interstellar expansion.

The United Nations was formed as a supranational organization to provide a platform for dialogue between nations to facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, human rights, and to stop wars between countries in order to foster world peace.
From its founding, the UN was never intended to be a world government and really, it can only be considered one in the broadest sense of the word, but as the need for one arose it gradually evolved to fill it.
The UN has 6 principal branches: the General Assembly, which is the main legislative body; the Security Council, which handles matters of security and authorizes
the use of force; the Economic Council, which oversees international trade and economic development; the International Court of Justice, which is the primary
judicial body; the Secretariat, which is the executive branch; and the Trusteeship Council, which oversees the administration and governance of dependencies.
Representation in the General Assembly is by nation with each member assigned between 1 and 5 seats based on population, economy and historical precedence.
Dependencies are also represented in the General Assembly with each dependency granted 1 non-voting delegate who may address the assembly and may
propose legislation but who may not vote on legislation or resolutions and may not be appointed to the 3 councils.
The Secretariat and representation on the 3 different councils, which are limited to 15 members each, and appointment to the Court of Justice, are selected by
vote of the General Assembly with the exception of the 5 permanent members on the Security Council for historic reasons.
Currently the United Nations consists of 205 member states and a dozen UN administered dependencies spread across the Sol system over 4 planets, 5 moons and several major asteroids and though each member state is a sovereign and independent nation with the right to arm and maintain its own military and security forces, in practice only the most powerful and wealthy of nations and their collective alliances still maintain their own forces, most members now rely on forces operated by the Security Council.
In theory control of the UN is vested in each member state equally but in truth the larger and more affluent regional alliances give greater influence to some nations at the expense of others.
Currently the major world powers are the United States of Mexico and the Middle Americas, the Federal States of Europe, the Eurasian Union, the Anglo-American Commonwealth, and the Grater Islamic Caliphate of Ankara, with the individual states of Japan, Brazil and India as well as the Martian Federation and the Belt Alliance wielding considerable power and influence as middle powers.

Next post is historical summary of UN

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Re: New campaign

Postby duxdarius » Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:24 am

The United Nations was created in 1945 following the second world War that pitted all of the Earth's major nation states of that era against one another.
Though more succesful than its predecessor the League of Nations, the United Nations ultimately proved incapable by the early 22nd century of preventing rogue states and terrorist groups from initiating a conflict that would grow into the third world war or as it would come to be known, the first solar war.
Fought principally in Africa, the Middle East and Asia on Earth the conflict would eventually extend to the outer Sol system over national colonial assets at Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus and would be humanity’s first major space conflict.
The unparalleled brutality of the conflict would not soon be lost on Humanity, witnessing the nuclear destruction of numerous cities and the complete destruction of vast swathes of Africa and the Middle east and the small Japanese, Korean, and Iranian colonies at Uranus.
The war also heralded the introduction of the first anti-matter weapons resulting in the shattering of Callisto's mantle not only destroying the Israeli colony there but also leaving the entirety of Callisto so unstable as to require abandonment of all other colonies there.
Though the General Assembly had dissolved and the Security Council had adjourned "for the duration of the conflict", the Secretariat of UN continued to try to operate throughout the war and did their best to provide humanitarian aid and safeguard the lives of civilians where they could.
Conditions were so bad at points that some groups chose to abandon the Sol system entirely setting out first on sleeper ships and later on ships using a variety of primitive and often unreliable FTL systems to other star systems about which little was known.
With nearly a billion dead and many of the old nations in ruin or destroyed, the surviving states banded together into new alliances or resurected long abandoned ones in order to rebuild and recover.
In the reconstruction that followed, most of the colonies were either granted independence by parent nations who could ill afford to dispute such demands or in a number of cases had their de-facto independence recognized by the international community at large owing to the fact that their parent nations had ceased to exist.
A century after the adoption of the Tranquility Accords and the official end of the first Solar War, the nations of Solar system have rebuilt and largely outgrown the animosities of the past though many resentments linger and new grievances arose.
Largely these tensions were overshadowed by the new era of optimism precipitated by the discovery by India's Chandrasekhar Institute of a method by which almost any object can be projected through a portal into the dimension between parallel universes allowing for safer efficient FTL travel.
With the discovery of the secrets to jumpgate travel, humanity at long last truly embraced the interstellar age.
With greater access to the stars, a mad race begins between the wealthier nations as millions of people scramble to secure their stake in the new frontier. The Eurasian Union and Caliphate of Ankara rapidly leverage their authoritarian structures to begin forced relocation policies to ensure dominance on the new colonies. Europe and the Commonwealth both do their best to match these measures with tax incentives and emigration bonuses but are unable to keep pace. Absorbed in the aftermath of the great California geological crisis, the United States of Mexico is largely uninvolved in the evolving colony crisis.
Suffering a series of political humiliations at the hands of manufactured crises, and with the prospect of being saddled with unjust economic reparations, the Commonwealth begins a full mobilization and declares its intention to preserve the integrity of its colonies by any means necessary and that it will not abide by "manipulated verdicts designed to disenfranchise commonwealth colonists of their sovereign rights". Furious, the Eurasian Union declares an embargo on all "non-approved" travel to the new colonies. Things come to a head when a Commonwealth task force runs the blockade and returns fire when fired upon. War is declared and one after another almost all the major powers get drawn into the conflict.
Though unable to stop the war, the UNSC with the support and backing of the United States and most of the "middle" powers are able to enforce a zero combat in the home system policy. This leads to a vicious covert war on earth between the two sides that would leave their respective intelligence agencies decimated and in shambles for decades. Interstellar trade comes to a standstill.
With no real threat to their home territories and industrial infrastructure the war is able to drag on for nearly 2 decades and ends with a whimper when the Eurasian and Commonwealth finally agree to an armistice and cede control of their colonies directly over to the UN having exhausted their will to fight over what are now colonies of very little value as compared to what had been spent in the war over them.

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Re: New campaign

Postby duxdarius » Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:25 am

UN Racial traits

Human Must take the traits "Adaptable" and "Prejudiced Against Non-Humanoid" at no cost
Adaptable, +0 Systems have 20% greater carrying capacity than normal (rounding up)
Prejudice (Non-Humanoid), -0 50% chance of failure for offering treaties to or accepting treaties offered by Non-Humans, +10% bonus to breaking treaties or declaring hostilities or war against Non-Humans, Systems controlled by Non-Humans are treated has having half their normal system output for trade purposes
Mercantile x2, +2 Trade income is increased by 20% rounding up
Expert Wing Commanders, +2 All small craft flights having 1 higher DEF than normal at no cost (DEFs above 5 only apply towards mitigating piercing weapons)
Extra Dimensional Travel, +2 Has access to the EDT drive micro-tech
Professional Armies, +2 Ground units maintenance denominators increased by 1
Tech Reliant, -1 Loss of Utilized Productivity results in an automatic -1 to that systems Morale
Tense Alliance, -2 Morale penalties are doubled, Enemy intel is 25% more effective when performing insurgency missions
Supply Novice, -3 Supply extends over 1 less jump than normal

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Re: New campaign

Postby duxdarius » Thu Aug 30, 2012 4:04 pm

here is a blurb form one of my underground empire races

Player did an amazing job on this promo sheet
Blackfreighter Trade Conglomerate LLC.pdf
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Re: New campaign

Postby duxdarius » Thu Aug 30, 2012 4:14 pm

Another player
Racial Summary
The Nanri are a small, bipedal, verminoid race bearing a resemblance to upright Terran mice. Adapted for smaller, dimmer worlds than humans they seem frail when compared to human-like species. A typical male is about a meter in height and 30 kilograms in weight with the female being slightly smaller on average. There is definite though not extreme sexual dimorphism between the sexes. Nanri are covered by a thin fur, typically grey, brown or black in solid or patched patterns, with thicker, heavier hair on their heads. Their faces, hands and feet tend to be fur and hair free. They have an extremely adaptable vocal capability and exceptional hearing, as might be expected for a prey species, but their eyesight is below average, likely due to their dim home star.

The Nanri government is an outgrowth of the original guilds that existed in their home system. The federal government is actually a council of the senior guild masters, with the final authority resting in the hands of the Supreme Guildmaster who is elected for life (typically between ten and twenty years before retirement or death) from among the Master's Council. The council, sometimes called the Over Governing Guild, consists of the heads of the 500 Over Guilds that are responsible for the day to day management of local, regional and federal governance.
Below the senior levels of the guilds all advancement is through rigorous training and testing within the individual guilds. Under the Over Guilds there are literally thousands of guilds and sub guilds covering all areas of production, finance, trade and services. While individual guilds may oversee a particular activity they actually tend to be collections of sub-guilds focused on a primary goal or function.
The extended nuclear family is very important to the typical Nanri and they tend to work within the same guild structures but this is not always true and the right to switch between guilds or to leave the guild system entirely is enshrined in Nanri tradition and their governing constitution. Non-guild Nanri are known as Mirparhan, which is generally translated as guildless or leaderless, and is as often used as a term of reverence as one of disrespect. Bandits and Prophets are both classes of people among the Mirparhan ranks. There have been occasions of Miparhan being elevated to Senior Guildmaster status and seated in the Master's Council but such occurrences are rare.
With promotion being merit based and guilds often in competition with each other, graft and other white collar crimes are surprisingly rare below the senior levels. Once one is elevated into the senior ranks of a guild or over-guild however, this changes dramatically. Politicking and lobbying becomes the order of the day and non-violent/non-property crimes become more accepted and common. This does lead to an inefficient and bureaucratic diplomatic corps as multiple guilds and masters try to direct the outside interactions.
Internally, there is little strife among the Nanri so there has been no need to maintain large standing formations of troops, as it is believed that the naval guilds will be able to keep invaders at bay beyond the inhabited portions of the settles systems. This has led to a very professional and capable navy but extremely inexperienced ground forces. A strong emphasis on weapons development has helped produce quality starships and fighters and has had some trickledown effect on the ground forces general level of technology.

Historical Summary:
The Nanri are not native to our galaxy. Some time in their distant past they had a thriving space-age civilization somewhere in the Lesser Magellan Cloud. Their scientist discovered a growing instability within the stars of their region of the Cloud that would soon destroy everywhere they could current reach. The entire region of space they explored was subject to the instability and catastrophic destruction of the area was inevitable.
A monumental effort of science, industry and social cooperation resulted in a large number of huge colony sleeper ships being built and sent through a series of strange, super distant hyperspace channels. Millions were packed into the ships and sent off over a period of perhaps a century before The Cataclysm is believed to have destroyed their homeworld and surrounding systems.
Each colony ship was fully self-contained and should have been able to support its survivors in establishing a new home but they were never the less sent out in fleets, generally a dozen ships at a time. The Nanri fleet set out with a dozen ships but despite this over the thousand some odd years of their journey the Deja Rush, Deja Shodan and Deja Furei became seriously damaged and separated from the other members of their convoy and drifted until they found a suitable world in what became known as the Rista system.
Low on everything and with damaged computer memory stores the surviving colonists set down and struggled to rebuild their society. Too much was damaged to rebuild their old nations so a new structure emerged based around the ancient guilds that had been instrumental in getting the survivors away from their doomed home. Family also became more important than ever as so many did not survive the journey and mortality rates were extremely high during the first few decades of rebuilding. Since that time they have managed to rebuild their numbers and technology base to some extent but they are still a far cry from the ancient empire they were forced to abandon.

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The campaign so far first year 2325

Postby duxdarius » Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:09 am


UN Makes Claim on Vacant System Epsilon Indi

UN investigates Derelict and discovers A Ternathian scout that is crippled in Alpha
Syrrae diplomatic missions to The Xian and Drie
Nanri Offer Drie Armistice Treaty
Nanri Make Claim on Vacant System Terinath
Blackfreighter attempt to expand markets in WD1142-645
Janus maintain a large force under contract with The Nanri on Tau Ceti
Pirates seem unorganized at this time

The Drie lay down the keel for the first of their Ack'shaw Class Heavy Carriers

Again luck prevails no pirate raids this month

Janus scout fleet discovers new system "Nemesis" minor outpost in a Dark Matter Nebulae
Results of Drie Nanri armistice treaty delayed till 2325.06

Infected citizens of Xian were caught in a routine sweep in the Archid system. All infected Sentient's were quarantined. Infection was averted.

Xian Industrialize Virginis
Syrrae continue there outreach programs with Xian and Drie
Extensive Religious training raises the Troop quality of the Alpha Riot police


UN Science crew manages to fire up the engines on a Ternathian Destroyer derelict found in the epsilon Indi System.

Private commercial interests finance Industrial development on Lacalle and productivity raises 1, but as of yet not sufficient population to man it.

BFTC very active in corporate aquisitions on Sol

Small O10/20/30%phiuchi pirate band raid in Gallia

Syrrae have a breakthrough in anti balistic tech

Major Snathi Fleet attacks Nanri trade fleet in Sclurini

Xian Survey Crews find a motherlode of minerals at Altair RAW raises by 1

Syrrae continue to build up their Escort and defense fleets

Major shift in political leadership with Nanri.

Second raid in Sclurini on Syrrae transport fleet

Drie begin test flights on a new stealth bomber

3 raider Longships attack Drie trade fleet in Kaptyn

Syrrae continue to curry favour with the Xian and Drie

The UN builds or upgrades jumpgates in three systems

Wikileaks exposes Drie intell networks creating a intell nightmare they lose a large number of intell as they are no longer viable

Xian Explorers find a minor lane route between Formulhaut and Struve

Nanri offer Xian a non aggression pact

Policy has shifted to encourage more positive social interaction and funding has been stripped from Science projects to the consternation and protests of the Technical Guilds. Full report to follow.

Major Auction of decommissioned Terran Trade fleet begins


Drie are doing a massive fleet build up and prototyping a number of new items

Nanri building a huge defensive intell network

Armistice treaty signed between Nanri and Drie

as backlash to technical funding cuts nanri shipyards will build at a 33% reduction in building speed till 2326.01

population boom on Scriuruni

Nanri tech spending at an all time low

Syrae Continue wooing Drie and Xian people into liking squirrels

pirate activity has been fierce particularly in Xian and Syrrae space.

Janus build penal colony on Nemesis

Their is a proclamation that the Messiah is reborn on Draconis

Syrrae offer Drie a non-aggression pact

general purge of corrupt intelligence reduces Xian Intell for a few months

Xian continue to debate merits of treaty with Nanri

Syrrae move population from Kruger to Pavonis



Investigations into the ruins on LV-426 discover minor artifacts and curiosities whose further study will provide modest benefits to R&D.

Senior Scientist Dr. Uor Shai is promoted 1 pay grade.

Government ponders the Syrrae non-agression offer but has yet to clarify their position on the matter.

Program of Citizen patrols and informant hotline lowers piracy in Drie space

A junior management team of Blackfreighter LLC out of their Tau Ceti branch office are caught attempting to open up a local subsidiary using badly forged tourist visas that even if legitimate preclude them form conducting any financial transactions

Drie turn down Non aggression pact with Syrrae

The new Ack'shaw supercarrier prototype is nearing 75% completion, when finished this new design will be the largest operational carrier in known space.


Diana class escort prototype is complete and goes into service protecting Janus trade fleets, production is expected to ramp up to provide competition to Securecorps in bidding for foreign trade fleet protection contracts.

Xenophobia and reprisals are rampant within Janus borders.


Drawn by strange readings from the outer Harista system, the Nanri Explorers Guild discover a fully intact ancient Mythalan Arbiter of Justice class heavy battle frigate.

Investigations into the ruins on Tau Ceti discover minor artifacts and curiosities whose further study will provide modest benefits to R&D.

The Nanri trade guilds reconfigure and adjust a number of major trade routes and in limited partnership with the Blackfreighter LLC open up a new trade route in UN space bringing much desired Nanri goods to the Sol system.

Scientific community blames Dire and Syrae for change in funding structure generla dislike of these races increases.

Nanri Gain a new elete officer in the science field

A mass investigation into corruption allegations throughout the major financial centres of the Guild Worlds turn up no solid information as to the source of lost income. The Guild of Intelligence Operatives is further embarrassed when investigative journalists turn up evidence of corruption and influence peddling on Tau Ceti. Allegations of kickbacks to Blackfreighter LLC hidden in the P3 deal currently under negotiation for the construction of a civilian station in Tau Ceti are as yet unsubstantiated.


Quinten continues to expend mass resources to replace mounting losses caused by the unusually vicious and sustained Snathi piracy campaign.

Great tragedy strikes when a massive thermonuclear explosion devastates one of the main settlements on Mythala. Tens of thousands of Syrrae have been killed or maimed and the devastated area has been quarantined pending an environmental clean up. As yet the cause of this disaster is unknown.

Syrrae outraged at historical reports of Janus hunting and killing Syrrae in early encounters 75 years ago.

In Xian space, numerous crew come down with a mysterious infection whose vector is as yet unknown. The pathogen causes erratic behaviour initially but then seems to settle down in time. Ships with infected crew members are treated with unease by the rest of the trade fleet. Quinten is greatly concerned by this development.

United Nations:

At great expense the minor warplane between Sol and Barnard is upgraded to normal grade allowing faster more efficient transit to and from the system.

In defiance of court orders strip mining resumes on Alpha, protests are violently suppressed by local riot police.
Opposed nations threaten the Caliphate with punishing economic sanctions if they do not stop their illegal mining activities.

This results in productivity on alpha reduced.

Syrrae trade ships encroach to close to UN vessels in Hub and The UN ships open fire destroying 2 freighters and killing 212 crew.
a state of hostilities is declared between the Syrrae and UN.

The Antonov design bureau unveils the new Invader class civilian jumpship in direct competition with Tamaribuchi's Merchant/c class.

A trend to dislike neighboring races causes a few problems with Drie and Syrae living in some UN nations.

Bankrolled largely by Commonwealth interests, a new Colony Fleet is assembled in Sol, taken in conjunction with the recent upgrade to the warplane between Sol and Barnard analysts expect a major colonization drive will soon begin in that direction.

Dr. Henry Jones the 6th and his entire xenoarcheaological team was killed investigating a derelict Ternathian destroyer in the Wolf system.
A state funeral is planned.

On a more ominous note reports are coming in of a mass mobilization of commonwealth ground forces as units in Alpha, Proxima and Sol are called to active duty.


A major outreach effort has begun as the Xian homeworld looks to re-integrate the splinter colony on Aldebaran into the rest of Xian society.
Analysts expect that the warp lane to Aldebaran will be upgraded in the near future to facilitate this.

Blackfreighter LLC:

Corporate interests begin a limited partnership with the Nanri offering protection of their trade fleet in UN space for a minority share in the venture.

Negotiations continue between the BFTC LLC and the Guild Worlds on a P3 deal for the construction of a civilian station in Tau Ceti.

med raid in The Hub
small raid in Kruger
med raid in Ethos
huge raid in Den 1048
small raid in Sciurini
med raid in Sol


Syrrae continue to send diplomatic and info missions to both the Drie and Xian

Piracy is light this month
2 medium raids in Sciurini and Sol

when Alderbaron rejoins the Xian there is much jubilation and morale goes up by 2


Continued vigilance and enhanced system garrisons dramatically reduce pirate activities in their territory.

Ethos’ population expands.

Work continues on the Ack’shaw prototype as it steadily approaches readiness for space trials.

The ineptness of Blackfreight LLC agents to establish a local office in Drie space is matched only by the bumbling of the Drie Secret Military Intelligence Service as they issue orders to their operatives but neglect to insert them into the target systems.

The Drie inability to win arguments continues to frustrate Drie negotiators and causes some frightening episodes.


Scouts discover a new normal grade warp lane leading from the Nemesis system to system HD 69830.

Janus scientists discover incremental improvements towards improving engine efficiencies through lighter shielding materials

Massive construction projects on Achernar double the colony’s output of commercial goods leading to record employment levels in the system.


The central bureaucracy finally issues an operating permit allowing the Nanri Securicore limited partnership to commence operations

Civilian contractors are hired to tow a derelict ancient Mythalan frigate to Rista for analysis

The explorer’s guild begins moving ships in preparation of upgrade work in order to extend the reach of the Trade guilds.

Popularity of Nanri products drops this month in Drie space


Quinten is very concerned about recurring viral outbreaks in trade ships operating in Xian space, quarantine measures are planned for crews exhibiting symptoms of infection.

Population on Sciurini expands but seems to be stagnant on all other Syrrae systems.

The Kruger garrison uses the recently captured Snathi Swift Climber to refine their targeting matrices.

Quinten is investigating numerous avenues for improved commerce and vocational infrastructure, preliminary studies are underway to evaluate the viability of upgrading existing civilian stations.

They are specifically looking at the Scriuriri Station and will be sending an appraisal team to determine viability.

The Messiah has ordained his priests for the high places and for the devils and for the calves with wings which he had made 11:15.

There is still some panic revolving around the slaughter of 87,000 civilians earlier this year in the Nuclear detonation.


Sol fleet yards begin gearing up to start emergency production rates, double shifts and overtime are authorized.

Large numbers of citizens are abandoning the Barnard colony and are trying to emigrate to the richer Proxima colony while increasing population pressures on Sol compound the shortage of available transport space.

Concurrently, certain business interests liquidate their assets in Alpha citing the ongoing labour unrest do to civilian protests over the government crackdowns.

The UN Trusteeship Council authorizes the purchase of a new Invader class jumpship in order to facilitate the safe trasit of colony fleet CT-6 through jumpspace allowing it to service systems as yet unconnected to the Jumpgate network.

The Security Council's Explorer Corps division issues a contract for the construction of a new Scout class jumpship and echoing public sentiment choose to name it after Dr Henry Jones instead of the previously decided upon John Cabot.

In an unprecedented move of mutual cooperation between the Federal States of Europe and the Eurasian Union, the EU begin construction of VKK Chongqing a licensed version of the Suffren-b class Monitor. VKK Chongqing is built alongside and simultaneously with the FSE's Emden also a Suffren-b class monitor.


The Matriarchy upgrade the warp lane between Fomalhaut and Aldebaran finally re-establishing permanent contact with their long lost colony there

The new Ravenna class defense fortress is unveiled in Gallia.

Citizens express concern over the vulnerability of Arietis to pirate attack.

Gallia’s population expands.
Blackfreight's Securicore subsidiary continues to purchse unwanted surplus and salvaged vessels from Nanri and Syrrae governments in order to fulfil the needs of their new contracts.

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Re: New campaign

Postby mwaschak » Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:01 pm

Thanks for the update!

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