Rise of the Kingdom (FINISHED)

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Postby murtalianconfederacy » Mon Mar 17, 2008 10:31 am

Nothing new, but I found the file on this campaign and worked out what I was thinking near the end...

The Elmuntai and Omazans were in the process of sending their fleets to fight each other (the major bone of contention being over the system the Elmuntai explored and found the Omazans), but with the Alvosk appearing and attacking both the Omazans and Elmuntai (I think thats what the turn sheets are saying), I made a decision as GM to say that the Omazans and Elmuntai, while not liking each other, would have thought that a C-B against the Alvosk, then returning to their dispute over the aforementioned system after the Alvosk were defeated, would be much more preferable than both of them going dowm hard against the Alvosk.

The Alvosk, meanwhile, were actually giving up their fleet base near the Omazan border because the USK had discovered the system linking Alvoskul (their homeworld) to the fleet base. Thus, the two Alvosk line fleets jumped to the system, preparatory to a quick strike to knock the USK out of the war then return to the Omazans and Elmuntai, or for a major defensive action where they would have dug in and forced all three powers they were fighting to face the Alvosk at a place of their choosing.

The Towrenans might have helped the Ikhanx in their war with the LSU, but the Ikhanx had it sewn up anyway. And, were it not for the Alvosk and Towrenans, the USK might have sent their fleets to protect the Lone Star Union, in an act to protect humanity from the alien hordes (the Towrenans and Ikhanx had a mutual defence treaty, and both powers had paths to USK systems that would have negated the USK superiority in fleet size)
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