With a Purpose General Errata

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With a Purpose General Errata

Postby mwaschak » Mon Jan 25, 2016 2:28 pm

WAP General Errata

This thread is intended to collect all of the errata for With A Purpose as players run into problems or have questions about the rules. As much of this errata as possible will be integrated back into the book before it goes to print.

V 1.0 Errata
UPDATED January 25, 2016

Rules Clarifications

4.3 ▶ Creating Your Own Maps & Scenarios - There is confusion when creating your own scenarios and neutral powers. Players should ignore the section of the CG 2.6.2 ▶ Placing Starting Colonies which states Census, Morale, and Productivity values are reduced to zero. There should be some neutral powers in play, even in the sparse setup.

Typos & Omissions

2.1 ▶ Map Alterations references 5.2 Creating Your Own Maps. This is actually section 4.3 Creating Your Own Maps & Scenarios.

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